What’s the Orangutan Endangered?

With its identifying red/brown fur that the Orangutan is now a legend for conservation, together with graphics being used across the globe to highlight the dangers that lots of species face. Orangutans are proven to be among our closest relatives in the animal kingdom sharing nearly 95 percent of our DNA.

From the wilds of Borneo and Sumatra orangutans have very few natural predators. This is only because they spend a lot of the lifetime living high in the trees, just rarely venturing to floor level. But if an orangutan does spend too long on the floor they confront risks from leopards and tigers.

Why then, is the Orangutan among the most endangered animals on Earth?

It isn’t natural predation, which has led to them becoming among the world’s most endangered species however encroachment from people. We’re accountable for the devastation of approximately 80 percent of this rainforest habitat from Borneo and Sumatra in the previous 20 years alone. Conservationists forecast, that by 2020 nearly 98 percent of the Indonesian rainforest might have been ruined.

There are numerous reasons supporting the large-scale devastation; Borneo and Sumatra have been densely populated in the last several years, together with the growing population requiring ever more space in which to construct their homes. The rainforest has supplied that space in the expense of habitat for the creatures.

Furthermore the pet trade in Orangutan is enormous with a lot of people in Indonesia viewing them as status symbols. Mature females are usually killed so that their young may be marketed to the booming black market.



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