Top activities players ignore in GTA 5

When playing GTA 5, it is very common to find players doing interesting activities such as assassinations, robbing banks, driving recklessly and engaging in gun battles. It is fun to do these activities because they make up the whole aspect of GTA 5. However, there are other small activities that players usually ignore. One of these is Yoga. Grand Theft Auto has many criminal activities that can be stressful for most players. In some cases, the activities force players to look for the best GTA 5 cheat codes in order to guarantee success. The stress of engaging in criminal activities can be unimaginable and as such, players should consider doing Yoga in the game.

It is very interesting to do Yoga in GTA 5 without relying on motion-based controllers such as the Kinect. There are many sensual positions in this game that can be entertaining for players. Apart from doing Yoga, the second activity players should consider is to spend some time with their dog. The Dog in GTA 5 cannot say anything because he is loyal to his master. It is very common to see the dog sticking with Franklin throughout the game and will constantly ride along in vehicles and help Franklin chase down enemies. Players do not need gta 5 cheats to spend time with the dog and if it is shown some love, the dog can be very effective to Franklin.

Another activity to consider in the gta 5 modded
game is jet joyride. There are many vehicles in the game that can be used or stolen by the characters and go for a joyride. However, there is an airstrip where players can access fighter jets. Fighter jets can allow players to introduce aerial battles and provide an effective way of dealing with adversaries from a distance. Players only need to lock on some few missiles and go to war.

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