Step to take to get a curp document

curp y rfc is a unique identification code for both residents and citizens of Mexico. And RFC is federal taxpayer registry. If you want to know its English translation, it is unique population registry code. It has a unique code with alphanumeric 18 characters that prevents duplicate entry in the system. It is essential if you want to obtain Government service in Mexico. One can obtain them with the help of showing the immigration visa, along with the copy of your passport. It is very essential for tax- filings, for schools, companies and to obtain health services in Government hospitals.

How to get it done?
• Organize: To get a curp you have first to get all the documents together. The required documents will be copy of passport, the copy of immigration document and a curp request letter. A curp request letter is just a request to obtain one. You need to draft a good letter to make it attractive. Remember to get two copies of each.
• A drop of request: Now take all the above documents along with the original one to the immigration office. Now sign into the computer-based log book. Now hand over your documents to the person in charge. He will take them, tell you to return in x number of days. And wait till the period.

• Retrieve a number: Go to the office again on the said date along with the request letter. Now they will retrieve a number for you. Now sign in for RFC y curp. Now you are done with the process.
As Government authorities do this, there can be delays in the process. Each time you visit the immigration office, you will have to wait for long. And remember they have shorter working hours. An rfc y curp is a very important document that proves your real identity in Mexico.

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