Paragon International Wealth Management – Grading Natural Color Diamond

It is amazing to know that colored diamonds exist naturally and are only purified to bring out the beauty without the addition of any color. These colored diamonds come in different colors – blue, red, pink, etc. According to the Paragon International Reviews, the value of these natural colored diamonds range is greatly influenced by how rare they are the strength and durability, and finally the particular color. The influence of color on value was seen in the recent sale of a pair of colored diamond earrings by Paragon International Wealth Management. One was pink, and the other was blue. It happened that the blue sold for far more amount of money than the pink one.

The color of these natural colored diamonds is also not uniform in the shade. While some may be very faint in color, others can be vividly intense. This variation in the shade of color can greatly affect the price such that it can determine if it will be easily affordable or not. According to a report by the Paragon Wealth Management team, it was reported that the value of a colored diamond increases with the intensity of the color, which is prominent. No doubt, this has been seen on different occasions, and it is even considered as the standard in the industry today. These standards are defined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The reason for these defined standards is to bring uniformity to the industry. According to the Paragon International Toronto team, there is now in existence a standard color scale in the industry for classifying the intensity or strength of a colored diamond. Connoisseurs of gemstones are saying that this is a welcomed development because they have been a lot of issues as concerning the gradation of natural color diamond in the past. To everyone in Paragon IWM, this has made business easy and very interesting. Most people who were discouraged from investing in colored diamonds in the past are now interested in doing so.

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