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History of WhatsApp

Today we are discussing about WhatsApp Messenger, which is the original version by the company provided to the smartphone, tab uses and other devices. This app runs on different operating systems such as Android iPhone, and Nokia Windows. The best part of the app is, it is available free of charge to all the users all around the world. You simply need to install the Messenger on your device and start using the features by heading towards entertaining world. Check out, click here to visit the website, here online.

Your contacts, friends, colleagues and family are just a click away from you now and you can send anything and everything whatever you want. Emotions and feelings can be expressed by just sending an emoticon or a smiley. There is a huge list of features in the WhatsApp Messenger that we are going to discuss today. Not only text messages, but you can also call the people you want without getting charged for the calls. You can even send and receive the pictures, videos, GIF’s and files which you want to share with the recipient.

Future of WhatsApp

An advanced version of WhatsApp is also available in the market place, which has been modified by the third party and has no connection to the original WhatsApp company. This version of WhatsApp is known with the name of WhatsApp Plus; it includes so many features which are not present in the original WhatsApp Messenger. You can select the option, clickheretovisitthewebsite to check out.

Though the features are advanced, however the original company doesn’t take any Responsibility in case it makes any harm to your device or your security gets breached as it has no business relation to the third party. Even after knowing the reality of WhatsApp plus, the users are getting crazy download the app and using it the way they want for creating more fun and entertainment in the hectic and competitive life.

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