Bikini Body Guide Review – Are They Work?

Since I said last week that I Have been following the Kayla Itsines BBG Fitness Guides you guys have sent me so many messages asking when they are worth investing in and what I think of them! Personally I love them but to give you all a better insight into what’s involved I thought a blog post will be the most effective approach to describe….
The guides come as printable PDF’s
I first came across Kayla Itsines on Instagram — with over 3.3million followers and thousands of hashtags about her she is kind of difficult to lose. At just 23 years old, the Australian Personal Trainer shot to fame when her guides became a world-wide success and girls from around the world began posting their advancement images on social media. She’s developed a search of the term #kaylasarmy as well as a huge following over 600k results on Instagram returns.
The “Kayla Pose”
The matter that Kayla besides others offering similar programmers is the truth that her character shines through her social media and with this she’s managed to create a world-wide community of girls who support, value and encourage each other as they have aims and common interests. So amazing is her popularity that she recently held a sellout Bootcamp World Tour taking in London, Amsterdam and New York together with several Australian cities.
Kayla on her sell out world bootcamp tour
After following her on Instagram for some time I made a decision to check out one of her free 7 day guides. I truly enjoyed it so went and purchased the 12 week exercise guide and nutritional strategy which was 80 for both (or 47 separately) and you may get them from BBG Fitness. I had been enticed by the fact the workouts assure great effects, doable from home and are brief. I needed a programmed I really could fit right into a busy agenda and this does.

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